What is Companion?

Companion is a new and unique way to navigate unexplored urban landscape. Have you ever visited a new city and spent most of the day looking at your phone instead of your surrounding?
Companion is a smart backpack dotted of an array of sensors that communicates with your smartphone to guide you safely.




Latest news

Lights on

I finally put together the first prototype. It does not have a final design but I’m quite happy of how this project is evolving. As you can see on the frontpage I’m also working on the layout of the Companion app. Stay tuned for more updates.


The new hardware will arrive later than I thought, which is delaying the start of the sensor. In the meantime I’m trying I.O.T platforms, I didn’t know there were so many new ones to try, I love this century 🙂

What is a smart backpack?

For me a smart backpack isn’t just a device packed with the latest in portable technology. A backpack should transcend it’s role and become more than just a passive object. This is why I created companion.

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